I'd just like to go on record about Plame-gate

Although I do love the thought of the Bush Administration going down in flames, shown for the criminals they are – I personally will take no joy if and when indictments are handed down by Fitzgerald, even in the unlikely circumstance that Bush himself were to be named as a conspirator.

I do stand fundamentally opposed to just about everything that Bush stands for and has done during his reign. The damage done to the country and the world is irrevocable, and he deserves a special place in Hell for it.

But this is the office of the President of the United States. I don't want the President of the United States to be a criminal. I'd much prefer if I could disagree with his policies and yet still respect the man and the office he resides in. This isn't about sides, scoring political points, or winning. It's deeply disturbing that these questions can even arise and that the President can even give the appearance of wrongdoing (let alone actually commit wrongdoing), regardless of what side he's on or whatever else he stands for.

Sure – the country will survive, just as it did after Nixon. The founding fathers, in their wisdom, did predict this sort of thing and build it directly into the system. But wouldn't it be nice if we never had to use impeachment proceedings, or threaten to use them, or even think about using them? Is it so much to ask that the American people seek out men of integrity to fill the highest office in the land?

The United States had a brief and unique opportunity to use its post-cold war supremacy to be a positive moral force in the world – to be a shining example for others to look to, and use its power to accomplish more good for more people than any other nation in history. However, I suppose the powerful ideals that the country was founded on are nothing against human nature and the corrupting influence of wealth.

Fuck you, George W. Bush. Your tenure has been and continues to be a dark chapter in our history, one which never should have happened. I am deeply saddened to see it come to this.


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