Compensation for victims

I'm watching a story on the BBC regarding the inadequate monetary compensation for victims of the July 7 terrorist attacks here.

It featured was one victim who lost a leg – the BBC notes that he was given ₤11,000, although his immediate costs due to the attack runs closer to ₤30,000. It also noted that the US government paid out close to $2 million to each of the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks in NYC.

Certainly I agree that the government is obligated to compensate these victims financially, at least to the level of covering medical expenses related to the attacks – it's the very least that can be done.

But here's the continual kicker for me – compensation for a soldier who dies in Iraq is still only around $10,000 dollars. People who volunteer to provide a vital, noble, and dangerous service to their country get just a fraction of the compensation that people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time get.

Yeah, its an old issue, one that's been around the internet a few times now. But it still smacks of moral indignation. Money can't compensate for lives lost. But at the very least we should give our soldiers equal compensation to crime victims.


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