Lifespan heads towards 100

Times Online:

Separate figures support that life expectancy for women in all social groups could even come close to 100 for people born in 20 years’ time if health continues to improve at the rate of recent decades.

Men’s life expectancy is also catching up with women.

I wonder if society is ready for this (actually, I don't really wonder: society's not ready for this).

I do figure that in my lifetime, we're going to see a cure for the biggest killers today. We're probably not more than a decade or two away from a real cure for Cancer. Ditto for AIDS. I think a cure for aging isn't all that far off, either. There are people alive today (myself among them, with luck) who might well live to see the dawn of the next millennium, as pretty much the only thing left that can kill us will be accidents (and who knows what cures for that might be possible in another century? Anyone wanna back up their brain and genetic code to the internet?)

The possibility is pretty exciting, although the cynical part of me thinks that the transition to this world of immortals will also be pretty painful.

On the other hand, if I don't achieve immortality, it's pretty depressing to think that a quarter of my life is over already.


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