Random complaint about social sites

Alright, so I've been pondering on how to better fill out my profile on Livejournal, Flickr, and all the other sites I can be found on.

For some reason I always have difficulty describing myself, and these sites never ask questions which make it easy to copy and paste what I write for one site onto another.

Inevitably though, it seems they expect you to fill out lists – sometimes its a generic interests list (like Livejournal), but most of the time they get specific. List your favorite music. Favorite movies. Favorite sports.

Now, I won't argue that you can't tell a lot about someone's personality by what their favorite movies and songs are, but that stuff seems so superficial to me.

How come no one ever asks who my favorite scientists are? Or my favorite philosophers? How about what kind of a computer I run (or how many?). In Flickr's case – why are there no fields for favorite photographers, styles, subjects?

I realize that the majority of people are too, um, stupid to care much about intellectual interests such as those, but I for one would be most curious about that information when browsing profiles – whether or not it got filled out at all, and if so, what information they put.

Maybe I should start a social networking site for nerds and geeks…


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