Technological idiots

So, between the incessant distractions of the vaccuum cleaners and landscapers in the neighborhood, I desperately needed to get out of the house today. Luckily there now exists a lovely little coffee shop three blocks away with free wi-fi.

Just for kicks, I walked down here with my wi-fi hotspotter in hand. Apparently wi-fi networks are now so ubiquitous that there's more or less continuous access between here and my house. And only one network (besides my own) is locked down. Most still use the default name, which means I could probably log right into their routers. I'd lay odds I could get at the info on their PC's too if I was so inclined. And there were dozens of these.

There's some real opportunities in the identity theft business, I'll tell you that. Seriously, is it that hard to learn technology, and the most basic security measures? Sheesh.


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