I want meow mix. Put it on my card.

Hometown Annapolis:

As Americans' credit card debt steadily rises, card companies continue to dole out applications offering more. But how much consideration, if any, goes into the offers?

As one Glen Burnie woman learned, even her house cat is deserving.

Last month Marilyn Hecox's 4-year-old black domestic short-hair, Samson, received an offer for the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card.

“At first it's funny. Then you get a little nervous about it,” Mrs. Hecox said, sitting in her dining room and thumbing through the application with a puzzled look on her face while Samson sat at the door waiting to be let outside.

“As the membership criteria at American Express remains stringent, the Rewards Plus Gold Card is difficult to acquire for all but the most financially disciplined,” the application letter starts off.

It's funny. It's scary. Then you just get pissed because of how these companies were practically crying a few months ago about how those “mean old consumers declare bankruptcy and get out of paying them”, thus purchasing the most anti-consumer legislation to come out of Congress… well, this year anyway. Maybe I'd have more sympathy for these assholes if they weren't throwing credit cards at cats.


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