Library Thing

I've recently discovered Library Thing, a site which is best described as a “Flickr for books”. It lets you add the books you've read, tag them, comment on them, and see what other people are saying about it, as well as discover new books through a social network effect.

I have to give the owner of the site credit – it's barely two months old, and he programmed it all himself. New features are being added on a semi-daily basis. That's no easy thing to do.

It's similar in a a way to Amazon's review and recommendation system, but I like it better because it's easier to maintain my list for my own cataloging purposes, plus the interface is less cluttered, as the focus is on building a social site rather than sell me more stuff.

I've added the last couple of books that I've read and written some short reviews. I may get around to adding my entire bookshelf on there – for now I'm just having fun poking around on there, finding things I might like to read next.


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