Followup on the richest characters story: Scrooge McDuck

From Slashdot discussion:

The Money Bin is at least 20 meters on each side. That's 8000 cubic
meters. Take away the room for Scrooge's office and as a lower bound
assume hexagonal closest packing of spherical gold coins, that leaves
about 5500 m^3 of gold. At a specific weight of 19320kg/m^3 and
today's closing gold price of $506 per troy oz, that's 1.66 _trillion_
dollars. And then there are his mining, shipping, ranching and other

That's one rich duck – remember, that's just $1.66 trillion he keeps on hand as gold. The value of his other properties and enterprises could easily put him above the $2 Trillion mark. And you thought Bill Gates was rich. (Previously – the 15 wealthiest fictional characters)


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