How much is your life worth?

Footnoted (via Om Malik):

So what’s a life worth these days? A lot if you’re a managing director of Goldman Sachs (GS), which in an 8-K filed earlier today, valued the life of its managing directors at $4.5 million a pop. Two months ago, Goldman announced its most recent group of managing directors — more than 200 people in all — so we’re not talking about an insignificant chunk of change. As the filing notes, the coverage is valid through age 75.

Yeah, I get the practical reasons behind life insurance, but something about this just strikes me as morally abhorrent. It puts a dollar value on human life, and consequently, means that some human lives are worth more than others. And no doubt there's some who would see it that way, even if they don't say as much. I'm not suggesting that there's anything to be done about it really, it's just not something that sits well with me.


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