Slow news day

So today was a slow, slow day, and my usual sources of merriment seem to have given way to this endless barrage of “10 best from 2005” lists, which at this point I've gotten quite sick of. This one, however, tickled my funny bone just now:

10 predictions for the new year (via Business2Blog). My favorite two:

  • The RIAA will be granted its long-awaited patent on the concept of suing your own customers and promptly sue the MPAA for violating it. Buoyed by this success, the RIAA announces its intentions to patent the act of granting patents and threatens to “sue the patent office out of existence” if it is granted.
  • In retaliation for Gore’s bold foray onto the Internet, George W. Bush will be the latest to come under fire for editing his own Wikipedia biography. Although Wikipedia will have implemented the most sophisticated algorithms to deter this kind of behavior, Bush will be caught because he will change all instances of “George” to “I”.


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