Ticket sales down for third straight year

ABC (via Digg):

Hollywood's year-ending good news is that moviegoers are opening hearts and pocketbooks for “King Kong” — it brought in more than $60 million its debut weekend and counting.

The bad news is that audiences did not exactly go ape over the rest of 2005's cinema offerings, making this the third straight year of decline in Hollywood ticket sales — the first such stretch of bad news in 40 years. Because of the continued falloff — sales are down 12.6 percent from 2002 — a growing number of analysts are wondering whether America's movie habits are changing permanently.

So, I guess that means suing your customers wasn't such a brilliant strategy after all?

Alright Hollywood, here's some free advice:

1) Lower your bloody prices
2) Quit the half an hour of ads before every show
3) Make movies that aren't crap
4) Drop the lame “release window” bullshit and let people
4) “Piracy” isn't your boogeyman, your own incompetence is. Quit with the DRM bullshit that only hurts your legitimate customers, drop the lawsuits, focus on making a product and offering an experience that people will want to pay for.

That is all.


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