MySpace deaths

Interestingly, there’s a community on Livejournal called MySpace Deaths, which has generated some controversy. It’s dedicated to pointing out the MySpace pages of the now deceased. It’s kind of morbid, and I’m not sure what the intent of this community really is – but at the same time, it’s kind of interesting, like walking through a cemetery and reading the names on the tombstones, only we can now peer into a lot more than just the name and age of the deceased.

It’s also pretty interesting in that this was part of the motivation I have for doing the things online that I do (keeping this blog for one). I am not immortal; but my thoughts, feelings, and ideas can be, thanks to things like Google’s cache and the Internet Archive. Having an identity on the web is like etching a part of yourself in stone, for your future children or grandchildren, future historians, or perhaps just a random web surfer in the future. We have a unique opportunity in history to be more to our descendants than a name and a date; we can share ourselves with them. Most of us will never produce anything that will be remembered by history; but nevertheless a bit of who we were will still be preserved forever.

I think that’s pretty cool.


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