Why Darwin upsets the fundies so much


Probably as far back as Homo habilus, there was this sense that it takes a big fancy thing to make a less fancy thing. You never get a horseshoe making a blacksmith, never a pot making a potter, always the other way around. The trickle-down-from-on-high theory of creation is extremely natural. It’s a way of seeing the world that is probably built right into our genes.

Then along comes Darwin, who simply shows how all of that design work, all of that creation, can be done by a process that has no purpose, no intelligence and no foresight. It is a very strange inversion of reasoning and it’s very upsetting to people to see that something that seems so obvious is being denied. Darwin does away with the reason for believing in a divine creator. This doesn’t prove there is no divine creator, but if there is one, it — he — need not have gone to all that trouble because natural selection on its own would have created all the biological diversity we see.

The two paragraphs above coem from an interview with philosopher Daniel Dennet, in answer to the question “How does evolution contradict the idea of God as creator?”

Why push so hard for “Intelligent Design”? Because it’s not just that Darwinian evolution challenges the specialness of human beings, its that it undermines the very reason for positing the existence of a deity in the first place.

Maybe it’s not an earth shattering revalation (actually it’s kind of obvious when you think about it) but it provided some interesting thought-food for me this morning.


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