Media Wants to be Free

The Astounding Trickster:

I don’t know if “information wants to be free,” as Stewart Brand postulated in the mid-1980s, but I do know that end users want information to be network- and device-agnostic. That’s why, for example, my friend Fred Wilson hates DRM-wrapped music. That’s why I think satellite radio is doomed. Information wants to be free from the yoke of network exclusivity.


This is exactly what’s so frustrating to me about all the digital media options that are currently available, and the primary reason that DRM bugs me so much. I want the content. I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for it. But I want it my way – with the flexibility to play it when I want, how I want, on any device I own.

The various media and technology players seem determined to use this new market to impose lock in schemes, in some vain hope of achieving a monopoly status. It’s annoying – they need to get over themselves and just sell this stuff in a way that’s palatable to consumers.

Once again, my mind is being boggled thinking about the billions of dollars that media executives are literally pissing away by not selling their content the way consumers demand it.


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