More brilliance from NJ lawmakers

I'm pretty sure if I tried to be stupid, I couldn't match what comes naturally to this guy:

Lawgeek (via BoingBoing):

Peter J. Biondi, NJ Assemblyman for District 16, has introduced A1327, a bill to force every ISP and website with comments/forums to demand user identification from every single poster (called an “information content provider” in the bill).  While ostensibly an effort to stop defamation on the net, the identification requirements apply to all posters, not just those who defame others:

Yeah I can't imagine why that would possibly be a bad, unworkable idea. I can at least take solace in the fact that he's not *my* assemblyman. Yeesh.

Seriously… if you can't take being defamed by an anonymous coward on the internet, you probably shouldn't be online.


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