PS3 Delayed

Sony Delays Playstation 3:

Sony has been anything but talkative these past few months regarding their plans for PlayStation 3.

No one except Sony seemed to anticipate they’d continue to meet their projected spring release date in any territory, even Japan.

I predict that Sony is going to lose this round, and lose it bad. Their mistakes seem strangely reminiscent of Nintendo circa the N64. The X-Box 360 had a good lanch (and I think still does, despite supply issues and my personal total lack of interest), and by November should have a compelling library of games (by which I mean, Halo 3). Nintendo should be launching the Revolution about the same time, but I don’t think they’re competing for the same market at all, so it shouldn’t matter (actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo wins this round, though I’m not banking on it).

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    […] The problems for this console just seem to be piling up – this comes after numerous delays and rumors of development problems. […]

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