Prayer isn’t good medicine

Prayer Doesn’t Aid Recovery, Study Finds

Praying for other people to recover from an illness is ineffective, according to the largest, best-designed study to examine the power of prayer to heal strangers at a distance.

The study of more than 1,800 heart-bypass patients found that those who had people praying for them had as many complications as those who did not. In fact, one group of patients who knew they were the subject of prayers fared worse.

Gee, there’s a shocking result – magic doesn’t actually work for heart patients. Imagine that. Aren’t you glad that Bush is fully funding the National Center for Alternative Medicine to the detriment of real science at the National Cancer Institute?

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3 Responses to “Prayer isn’t good medicine”

  1. ardela dimwit Says:

    brilliant– but let’s point out that its somewhat effective to pray for ourselves. let’s keep proper focus on the matter–egocentric is best.

  2. U. Nobody Says:

    I didn’t realize that prayer and magic were the same thing. Thanks for clearing that up.

  3. Mark T. Market Says:

    Of course, to pray or not to pray is the prerogative of the person, but to substitute prayer for basic medicine… isn’t that criminal?

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