You don’t know the power of the dark side

John Dean says to censure Bush

Former White House Counsel John Dean, a central figure in the Watergate scandal who served time for his involvement in the Nixon administration cover-up, told a panel of senators yesterday that President Bush should be censured for authorizing the government to eavesdrop on Americans’ international phone conversations.

Several Republican senators bluntly questioned why they should give an audience to a convicted felon. Although Mr. Dean provided critical evidence about President Richard Nixon’s participation in the cover-up of White House involvement in the burglary in the Watergate affair, a political scandal that ultimately led to the president’s downfall, he served four months in jail for obstruction of justice.

Mr. Dean took the comments in stride yesterday, telling senators it was important that they sometimes hear “from the dark side.”

The only problem here being that most of those Senators are on the dark side.

More seriously though – of all the people to speak out in favor of censuring Bush, this guy is the most interesting by far, given his perspective on Presidential crimes. Certainly his view should be enough to give most anyone pause.

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One Response to “You don’t know the power of the dark side”

  1. Fred Smith Says:

    I believe that Mr Dean has a book he’s plugging. No doubt this has some bearing in his surfacing at this time. Does he have anything credible to say about this president? Only of you are an ardent practitioner of the BushLied™ cabal!

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