New Look

You may have noticed some changes around here since yesterday.

I decided to give the site a new theme as the old one was starting to feel a little too limiting. I like the minimalistic clean feel of this one, plus it makes better use of screen space thanks to less reliance on graphics. It should expand to fill your viewing area, and you can even hide the sidebars to create more reading room. Sweet eh?

Much thanks to Ensillitus for developing the theme. Hope you all like the new look. As always, comments and feature suggestions are welcome – let me know what you think or if anything doesn’t look right on your system.

Edited to Add: My apologies as it appears some of the block quotes aren’t formatted as intended under the new theme, due to poorly formatted HTML on my part. It’s still readable, so I’ll leave it alone for now and simply bear it in mind for all future entries.


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