New York Times Redesigns Site

I like it. I’ve always been a fan of clean interfaces, kudos to the web team for coming up with it. It’s a step in the right direction for them, albeit only an incremental one. Still, as Six Apart notes, the blog influence is pretty strong, which is a story in of itself.

Of course, most of my long standing gripes with the NYT still apply. I notice they have a “Most blogged” tab in addition to “Most emailed”, which is another step in the right direction – but they fall short by not linking to the bloggers themselves a la the Washington Post (To rectify this, use the Technorati This bookmarklet). And they still have to get their heads out of their ass with regards to that “Times Select” nonsense. The Times has some great content, but they seriously need to let it live free on the web. How many people can really be spending money on that vs. the web traffic they’re losing by making it impossible to link to archived articles?

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