RIAA extorts $100 million dollars from customers

Cue Dr. Evil voice:

Generally, these suits are settled at $3,000 USD to $6,000 USD. I have seen in the past few years a $2,000 or a $7,000 every now and then, but for argument’s sake, we will say the average settled lawsuit is $5,000, since this appears most frequently.

Let’s say all 18,337 USA citizens sued have settled for $5,000 USD each, to avoid going to court and possibly losing their homes. That would give the RIAA massive profits of $91,685,000! The RIAA has profited nearly $100 million by suing individual who are too helpless to fight back, since their ’sue em’ all’ campaign began, years ago.

Actually I don’t think that’s quite true, as I believe a good number of those lawsuits were dropped or are otherwise still in progress. Either way though, that’s an astonishing sum of money. Nice extortion scheme they got going there.

And suddenly I remember why I don’t do business with those assholes.

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