Libby says Bush OK’d the Leak

And just when I thought it was gonna be a slow newsday.

Vice President Dick Cheney’s former top aide told prosecutors President Bush authorized the leak of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq, according to court papers filed by prosecutors in the CIA leak case.

Before his indictment, I. Lewis Libby testified to the grand jury investigating the CIA leak that Cheney told him to pass on information and that it was Bush who authorized the disclosure, the court papers say. According to the documents, the authorization led to the July 8, 2003, conversation between Libby and New York Times reporter Judith Miller.

Don’t really have anything substantial to say yet, other than this is HUGE.

Guess now we know why Bush never made good on his promise to fire anyone involved. It would have to mean his own resignation.

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One Response to “Libby says Bush OK’d the Leak”

  1. Alexander Wolfe Says:

    What for the rationalizing to change now. The apologists will now say Bush clearly never authorized the leaking of anyone’s name and thus,
    despite his extreme proximity to pretty much everything that’s happened, is absolutely and completely innocent of any wrong-doing.

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