What passes for journalism

Now, I spend quite a bit of time blasting the media for, well, not doing their jobs. Little things like fact checking, analysis, and keeping any sense of proportion are typically well beyond their grasp. But that’s the national media, with regards to important stories. I don’t spend nearly as much time criticizing the local media, as it’s just that much more awful. Usually I don’t pay attention to it at all.

Last night though I happened to catch a segment on NBC news which reminded me of exactly why that is. Here’s the clip (Windows media format). See if you can pick out exactly which part of that story made my jaw drop to the floor.

If you can’t view the clip for whatever reason, here’s the accompanying article. The part that I couldn’t believe they did is right there in the headline.

No matter how low I set my expectations for the media, they manage to find ways to go even lower.

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