Bush Administration in catch-22

Bolten Signals Broad Change In Bush Staff:

Newly installed White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten sent a clear signal on his first full day on the job yesterday that a broader shake-up of President Bush’s politically troubled operation is imminent, asking aides who are thinking of leaving sometime this year to submit their resignations right away.

Personally I’m still in I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it mode with regards to this. They’ll likely fire a bunch of interns while leaving those who should be fired in place.

But, let’s just humor the possibility that he will actually “shake up” his Administration. It won’t help him politically. Remember in 2004, what the big issue was? Kerry is a flip flopper! Vote for me, I’m don’t change my mind, ever! Yeah, it didn’t make any more sense then than it does now – but the point is that this is the Administration that doesn’t make mistakes. Or at least, they don’t own up to them – the buck stops anywhere but Bush’s desk.

He spent six years building this image of himself, defending his staff no matter how badly they screwed up (a “Heckuva job” really), claiming perfection on the part of his Administration. What’s a staff turnover going to look like? An admission of fallibility, a mistake. He’s not going to score any points with the people like me who hate his guts, and his base is going to going to it as a betrayal. Bush dug himself into a hole with this one.

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