A Christian Sex Shop?


“My husband and I went away for our 10th anniversary and for the first time we decided to visit a high street sex shop to liven things up a bit,” she said.

“But we were really shocked at the price of things in there and the things on offer which seemed to focus on pornography and bondage, which is not what we see as fitting within a Christian marriage.

“A few days later, Stan came to me and said, ‘Let’s set up a Christian sex site’.

The site can be found here. It’s just weird. I mean, I pride myself on being a pervert… but seriously, Christian sex? That’s just too kinky for me.

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One Response to “A Christian Sex Shop?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Isn’t that clever ? Most of your customers are going to be christians anyway. Reason number one not to buy : guilt and shame. Name your store a christian store and the problem is solved.

    Beside, when you are the first to do it, you get media coverage which means advertising for free.

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