Look-a-likes invade Best Buy

An awesome prank where dozens of people dressed like Best Buy employees invaded the store and started helping customers:

One employee passed me with a smile on his face and exclaimed, “All you guys have GOT to get together for a photo, because no one is ever going to believe this!” Another came up to me and said, “Let me guess, you’re waiting on your friend? Good answer.” I guess at that point he had heard that answer more than a few times.

The reaction from the employees was pretty typical as far as our missions go. The lower level employees laughed and got a kick out of it while the managers and security guards freaked out. Some employees speculated that we were a cult, or maybe protesters. One employee tried to get a date out of the incident, informing one agent, “Tell that girl in the computer section that ‘Mike says hi.'” Another employee after being told to go get some merchandise from the back, declared, “You should ask one of these other 50 people to do it!”

Security guards and managers started talking to each other frantically on their walkie-talkies and headsets. “Thomas Crown Affair! Thomas Crown Affair!,” one employee shouted. They were worried that were using our fake uniforms to stage some type of elaborate heist. “I want every available employee out on the floor RIGHT NOW!”

There’s a ton of awesome photos and videos on the site, the whole thing is just wonderfully hilarious.

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