Wal-Mart property could be seized by eminent domain

Poetic Justice:

The Hercules City Council will consider whether to use eminent domain to wrest a 17-acre property from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. after the nation’s largest retailer rejected a city offer to buy the site with views of San Pablo Bay, city officials said Thursday.

Wow, eminent domain actually being used against a corporation? And Wal-Mart at that. Will wonders never cease?

I love Wal-Mart’s response:

Wal-Mart’s new proposal, which is still hotly opposed by some residents, calls for a general retail and grocery store, as well as a pedestrian plaza, two outdoor dining areas and other small shops and general merchandise stores, including a pharmacy.

“We’re disappointed that the city is really playing politics with the future of Hercules rather than looking at the big picture,” company spokesman Kevin Loscotoff said.

“Many residents of the city who we’ve talked to are frustrated and anxious for this much-needed retail project to move forward.”

Because, lord knows, the city needs a Wal-Mart. The company is just so great for communities like that. I hope they do seize the land back for the city.

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