Notes from E3

Not that I’m there, of course. (One of my lifelong goals though). But I find that when the real world pisses me off too much, it’s nice to immerse yourself in stuff that’s totally inconsequential. Like Booth Babes. Yay!

Much to my delight, it seems that Nintendo basically stole the show. I don’t care that they branded it the Wii, I want to have sex with that console anyway. Nintendo has always been the most innovative player in the games industry, and this times it looks like they’ve pulled out all the stops. The trailers for Smash Brothers Brawl, StarFox, Zelda, Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy and others just make me drool. I think Nintendo has hit a homerun with their controller design; I’m excited about this thing in a way I haven’t been since the days of the SNES and Sega Genesis.

Of course, it’s not all Nintendo. Will Wright’s Spore just looks painfully addictive. Halo 3 could be reason enough for me to get an XBox 360 next year (doubly so since GTA IV will be available for it).

Oh, and just as a bit of added glee, the Playstation 3 is so on its way to a huge crash and burn. At $600, even Microsoft is chiming in and saying people could buy a 360 and Wii for the price of Sony’s Console. It’s not that I’m anti-Sony or anything… but I am.

In any case, the exciting thing here is that it is, well, exciting. My enthusiasm for games have waned in the last couple of years, but all the sudden I’m getting excited about them again. It’d be a bit premature to say a new golden age is upon us, but if the reality can match the hype it certainly could be just that.

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