Why the PS3 is #$%!’ed

Curmudgeon Gamer has been kind enough to create some graphs of the history of game console prices, adjusted for inflation, which is fairly revealing.

The “magic number” for game consoles appears to be around the (2006 adjusted) $300 mark, with all the most successful consoles hugging that line pretty tightly.

The most interesting thing to note though is actually Nintendo’s systems; each successive generation of Nintendo has managed to be more affordable than the last, through the Gamecube at least. (The Wii is rumored to have  a $250 price tag, which would be slightly more expensive, but I don’t think that’s been announced definitively yet).

As for the PS3… it’s in a price class enjoyed by such other consoles as the NeoGeo, CD-i, and 3DO. Did you own any of those systems? Neither did I. Although, that’s not being fair, as each of those were priced well beyond even what the PS3 is being sold at. The playstation’s closest match is actually the Sega Saturn… which Sega released while it was king of the hill, if you recall, much in the same way Sony is today.

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