RIAA sues XM

Record labels sue XM Satellite over player

The recording industry sued XM Satellite Radio on Tuesday over its new iPod-like device that can store up to 50 hours of music for a monthly fee, sending to the courts a roiling dispute over how consumers can legally record songs using next-generation radio services.

The lawsuit seeks $150,000 in damages for every song copied by XM Satellite customers using the devices, which went on sale weeks ago. The company said it plays 160,000 different songs every month.

XM Satellite has compared its new device to a high-tech videocassette recorder, which consumers can legally use to record programs for their personal use. It also noted that songs stored on the device from its broadcasts can’t be copied and can only be played for as long as a customer subscribes to its service.

For those of you who might not have been aware, the RIAA feels it’s entitled to get paid every time you hear a song in the background of a phone conversation, hum it on the subway, or remember listening to it at some point in time. So this move shouldn’t shock anyone.

It is, like all their moves in the last decade, incredibly idiotic business strategy. Instead of embracing a new distribution method which clearly consumers favor, they’re looking to shake down XM Radio putting a burden on consumers and the new distribution channel. It’s the Tony Soprano business style.

I really hate these fuckers.

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