Two judges rule US sex policy unconstitutional

Tying health funds to a moral stance violates free speech (via Ang’s Weird Ideas):

Two federal judges in the past two weeks have ruled unconstitutional the government’s policy of forcing U.S. health groups to denounce prostitution as a condition for receiving funds for international AIDS work.

Rebekah Diller, associate counsel of the poverty program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, who argued the New York case, said the requirements made it very difficult for groups to use even privately raised funds to teach prostitutes about AIDS prevention methods.

She said health organizations could not collectively distribute condoms to groups of prostitutes, or work with other groups that tried to change laws or policies concerning prostitutes. “It cast a very big chill on being able to do this outreach,” Diller said.

Ah, to live in a country where the government bases public policy on facts, reason, and reality rather than the “morality” of the religious right. I’m such a dreamer.

Thank God for “activist judges” infusing some sanity into the system.

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