Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling found guilty

Justice is finally done:

A U.S. jury convicted Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling of orchestrating the fraud that destroyed Enron Corp., giving prosecutors a victory a case that came to symbolize corporate crime sparked by the stock market bust in 2000.

Lay, 64, and Skilling, 52, face at least 25 years each in prison after being convicted of using off-the-books partnerships to manipulate Enron’s finances. Skilling faces additional jail time over his conviction for using inside information to sell Enron stock. Lay was also convicted on bank fraud charges after a trial that U.S. District Judge Sim Lake held without a jury while the panel in the main case deliberated.

Hooray! These guys are gonna spend the rest of their natural lives behind bars, where they so richly deserve to be.

Unless of course, Lay’s good friend George W. Bush gives him a pardon…. but I’m sure Bush would never do anything like that.

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