Ouch for the PS3

More bad news for Sony (makes me so sad to report, really).

Joystiq had a little poll asking what system or combination of systems it’s readers plan on buying, given the PS3’s high sticker price.

The result? At the time of this writing, a whopping 87% of respondants plan on buying a Wii either alone or with another system, a respectable 56% in total plan on buying an XBox 360, and a mere 15% of respondants plan on getting a PS3 either alone or as any combo.

I should note that this isn’t a scientific poll, and if anything only represents what Joystiq’s readers are thinking. But one would imagine that Joystiq’s readership would skew towards hardcore gamers, ones presumably more likely to opt for Sony’s console than the general population.

The way things are going, at this point I’m thinking Sony should just write off this generation of consoles…

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