Say it isn’t so George

Ain’t It Cool News:

The short of it is that Lucas hates the way the original trilogy appeared back in the day, and appears to hate the fact that most fans prefer it that way. So, when he did those new SFX versions in the late nineties, he “taped over” the original negative. So how are they going to do a DVD transfer? Well, they’re copying it directly off the Laserdisc copy they made way back when.

From the laserdiscs? From the laserdiscs? From the LASERDISCS?

George Lucas, I hate you. You toy with my emotions. I know now how how battered wife syndrome feels. I keep coming back, hoping you’ll change… but I always wind up with new bruises.


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One Response to “Say it isn’t so George”

  1. xzanth Says:

    i owned the first 3 movies on big platter lazerdiscs too…sold them for about 300

    you could see the mapping and overlays…

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