Sorry Hillary

It’s not gonna be you.

With the presidential election more than two years away, a CNN poll released Monday suggests that nearly half of Americans would “definitely not vote for” Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Respondents were asked whether they would “definitely vote for,” “consider voting for,” or “definitely not vote for” three Democrats and three Republicans who might run for president in 2008.

Not in 2008, anyway.

This isn’t surprising for me. The sureness by which some people feel Hillary will be the democratic nominee in 2008 has always been a head scratcher for me. As near as I can tell, the only people who actually want Hillary to run are the right wing pundits, who’ve been painting her as Satan himself for the last ten years (they lie, of course, but in either case the vitriol is there, and why would the Dems be stupid enough to nominate someone for which half the country has that much built in hatred for?). Meanwhile she hasn’t exactly impressed the liberal part of the party, and she’s saddled with being a war supporter from the getgo. There are a couple of polls showing she’d be the likely nominee, but at this point those polls are going to reflect name recognition more than anything else.

So the long and short of it is that Hillary will run but she’s not going to get the nomination, let alone the White House. My own two cents at this point is that the Democrats and Republicans both will come up with a couple of relative unknowns for 2008 (probably state governors). The general disgust people have with the country’s leadership right now is downright tangible… any candidate that belongs to the current leadership on either side is going to start with a handicap.

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