The shuttle flies again on July 1

NASA Sets Shuttle Launch for July 1:

Despite lingering safety concerns about the shuttle’s fuel tank, NASA managers cleared Discovery for launch on July 1, for what is expected to be the second and final test flight following the 2003 Columbia disaster.

Now, I’m a big fan of NASA. I love astronauts, space travel, all that fun stuff. I’m excited by this, I really am, I can’t wait for the launch.

But.. then I see a soundbyte like this, and I really start to wonder about the intelligence of these guys:

“I do not see the situation we’re in as being a crew-loss situation,” Griffin said at a press conference Saturday following a two-day meeting to review Discovery’s flight preparations.

“If we are unlucky and we have a debris event, it will not impede the ascent. The crew will arrive safely on orbit, and then we will begin to look at our options,” Griffin said.

“See, getting the astronauts to space, that’s not a problem. We’re not so sure how we’ll get them home though.”

But hey, half way is good enough right?

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