Do you have 45 Mbps, bi-directional broadband?

If not, you should ask for your money back.

The case is simple: Do you have a 45 Mbps, bi-directional service to your home, paying around $40? Do you have 500+ channels and can choose any competitive service? You paid an estimated $2000 for this product even though you did not receive it and it may never be available. Do you want your money back and the companies held accountable?

In summary, about 10 years ago the Clinton Administration had a plan to upgrade the nation’s networks to fiber optic, from the century old copper lines that still dominate. The telecom industry said “Sure, we’ll do it!… with the right financial incentives”. So the government gave those telecoms billions of dollars to do it, in the form of various tax incentives and subsidies.

It’s 2006. The US ranks 16th in broadband penetration. 30 Mbps connections which are common in places like Sweden and Korea are unheard of here. (For the record, if you have Cable internet, you probably have 3-8 Mbps Downstream/ 128-384 Kbps Upstream asynchronous bandwith into your house).

These are the same telecoms that now claim they need to break net neutrality in order to pay for network upgrades that they said they’d do a decade ago.

There are a lot of corporations and industries I despise for being shit sucking ass magotts. Usually it’s pretty hard to choose among them to decide which is the worst… but lately the telecoms have been taking the cake pretty easily.

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