Nine ways to misunderstand web standards

Google Blogoscoped compiled the list, but I’d just like to briefly rant on number one: “We Need Separate Print Pages”

We’ve all seen this – a separate print page, linked to from a crowded, table-layoutish HTML page, aiming to serve no other need than being printed out (it fails, because bloggers link to print pages – they’re mostly easier to read and not split up into multiple pages). The good thing about these pages is that the user gets an instant impression of what the print-out will look like. Of course, the right way to do this would be to serve a separate stylesheet for medium print, and if the browser does it right, it will show the visitor a print preview.

I can’t tell you how many news sites have cluttered, ad-infested, paginated pages for their articles. Then you click the “print version” and it all goes away… you get the whole article on one clean page, with fewer ads (if any). It’s a thing of beauty. The question I always ask is why the heck isn’t this standard view?

Which I know is a completely separate rant from the one the author was making, but it’s just something that always bugs me.

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