Military service: Not for the rich

Nation’s Elite AWOL From Military

As recently as 1956, 400 members of Princeton’s graduating class went on to serve in the military. In 2004, nine graduates did so. Harvard, Yale, Brown and other elite universities don’t even allow Reserve Officer Training Courses on their campuses.

In the years after World War II, virtually every member of Congress was a veteran of military service. By 1971, three-quarters of the members had worn the uniform. Today, only a third of the 535 members of the Senate and the House of Representatives have served.

During World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had sons serving in uniform. Today’s political leaders and the rest of the country’s elite don’t feel the same obligation to send their children to serve in harm’s way.

It’s okay to send poor people off to die in Iraq. After all, they’re poor. Just don’t ask the rich folk who wanted the war (and are the only ones who benefit from it) to make the sacrifice.


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