MySpace may face legislative crackdown

During a hearing before a House of Representatives subcommittee, politicians argued over the merits of compelling schools and libraries to cordon off access to social-networking sites, requiring some form of an Internet ID that would prove a person’s age, or doing nothing at the moment.

My favorite quote from the article:

“ has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators,” said Rep. Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican. “Isn’t it entirely appropriate that the state get involved?”

Entirely appropriate! Hahaha! Oh, that’s good.

This one was a runner up:

“If we could save one child, then it’s worth it–that one child, that innocent child who may fall prey during the school hours because the legislation wasn’t enacted,” said David Zellis, an assistant district attorney in Bucks County, Penn., who testified at the hearing.

The root password to the constitution is “Think of the children”.

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