What’s the sexiest thing ever created?

If you said anything other than “Princess Leia’s Metal Bikini”, you’re wrong.

There’s no doubt that the sight of Carrie Fisher in the gold sci-fi swimsuit was burned into the sweaty subconscious of a generation of fanboys hitting puberty in the spring of 1983. But, remarkably, it’s women for whom the costume holds the most enduring meaning today.

“I saw the movie when I was seven and I was absolutely thrilled by Leia — what a wonderful character,” says Amira Sa’id, a dancer who has used a Leia bikini in her performances. “Jabba put her into the outfit to humiliate her, but Leia was such a strong character, her will made the costume empowering.”

The website, Leia’s Metal Bikini, features over a hundred female fans who model the costume, ranging from some who could almost pass for Fisher, to others who look nothing like the actress. Many weren’t even born when the movie came out. Another site offers instructions on making your own costume, which involves finding a “Leia-shaped person” and plastering her torso with modeling clay.

Hell’s yeah.

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