I agree with Bush about something

They need to stop doing this shit.

Except by “they” I don’t just mean Hezbollah. I mean the whole fucking Middle East. Because that’s exactly what this fighting is: Bullshit.

I’ve read a lot over the last couple of days. Hundreds of opinions on strategies, media coverage, causes, solutions, history, perspective. And you know what? It’s all garbage.

To understand what’s going on… you don’t need to know all that. You don’t need to understand the history of the region or it’s contemporary politics. You don’t need to know anything about the religions. It doesn’t matter who’s responsible for what or why. It’s really not that complicated.

What we’re looking at, plainly and simply, is immaturity. Immaturity on a epic, grand, geopolitical scale perhaps, but it’s nothing more than that. To gain a perspective on what’s going on you need to look no further than the average Kindergarten playground, and imagine it without the supervision of adults. That’s the Middle East in a nutshell.

The bottom line: there’s no fucking excuse for what’s happening. The religious violence and hatred? That’s just immaturity. Bitching about Israel for existing? Immaturity. Fighting over occupations, land, etc? Immaturity. They’re acting like two year olds with guns.

There’s no good guys here, no one who’s rising above it, no one acting responsibly or intelligently. All sides in this make me sick, because real people are suffering, real damage is being done because no one can fucking get over themselves.

That’s all I have to say on the issue.

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One Response to “I agree with Bush about something”

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    […] via problematik.net, siehe auch Spiegel und Bush Gets Sleazy. Einen passenden Kommentar zum jüngesten Nahost-Konflikt liefert The Great Eric. […]

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