Bad YouTube! Bad!

YouTube has updated their Terms and Conditions basically says that they can do whatever they want with content you upload to the site – put ads around it, sell it, license it – and they don’t have to pay you a dime.

Among other things, this means they could strip the audio portion of any track and sell it on a CD. Or, they could sell your video to an ad firm looking to get “edgy”; suddenly your indie reggae tune could be the soundtrack to a new ad for SUVs. The sky’s still the limit, when it comes to the rights you surrender to YouTube when you upload your video.

I don’t post anything to YouTube so this doesn’t affect me personally, but it bugs me nonetheless. It’s annoying nice that they bend over backwards to protect and enforce the copyrights of big media – but it just makes them a bunch of hypocrites when they claim the right to pirate the content of their user base for their own benefit.

It’s a shame – I think YouTube has a lot of potential to become *the* web video platform, but I still don’t see them making it as a company. If selling their users videos is how they plan to get into the black, then I suspect they’ll be gone by this time next year.

Google Video, for all its faults, keeps looking better and better.

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