AOL = Evil

Remember a couple of months ago, when Big Brother came knocking for search engine data and Google said “no”? Remember how everyone applauded Google (“Do no evil!”) while scorning MSN, Yahoo et al. for complying and the DOJ for so much as asking?

One would think that in light of that public outrage, internet companies would take even more care with their data to treat it as sacrosanct. But it would seem I underestimated AOL.

AOL, in some kind of effort to completely drag the brand through the mud and destroy what’s left of the company, has released 500,000 user’s search records. To the public. Because they thought the data would be useful to researchers (like identity thieves, search engine spammers, the NSA, and other ne’er do wells). And I thought it was bad when it was just Uncle Sam wanting this data.

The idiocy on display here is mind boggling. I’m seriously wondering how in the heck these people made it to the office this morning without setting themselves on fire.

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2 Responses to “AOL = Evil”

  1. ty Says:

    A site where you can search the data is here:

  2. Cornflakes Says:

    A *quick* site where you can search the AOL Logs for yourself, is here:

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