Google opens up newspaper archives

Sometimes, Google just rocks. Go check out their new News Archive Search, which opens up the historical archives of news organizations. Like Book Search, it’s a fascinating peak at history; it searches news archives going all the way back to the early 19th century.

Unfortunately, most of the search results are locked up behind one pay wall or another (even the out-of-copyright stuff, which is odd), and I don’t believe the archive is complete. For example, I searched for JFK Assassination and I couldn’t find any articles from the day of the event, and a search for Gettysburg failed to find anything before 1900. Recent history seems to be more open and complete though, for example the search on September 11.

All things considered, the flaws are minor (especially if they add more to the archives as time goes on), and this is the kind of thing that leaves me in awe of modern technology. Today we’re one step closer to having built the new Library of Alexandria, giving the world access to the sum total of human knowledge.

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One Response to “Google opens up newspaper archives”

  1. Lauren Schultz Says:

    I like the service too and you’re right that most of the content is locked up behind a subscription wall. Its like these guys dont get it or something. I have a browser plug-in called a Netpass and it provides free access to these subscription type articles. Its a free download at

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