List of Constitutional Amendments Bush has NOT violated (yet)

Why? Simply because this will make for a shorter list than trying to list all the ones he’s pissed on.

2nd Amendment

To the best of my knowledge, Bush has not in any way infringed on the right to bear arms.

3rd Amendment

Bush hasn’t tried to quarter soldiers in private residences.

11th Amendment

I don’t think Bush has violated this suits against states provision yet, but maybe someone has an example of it.

12th Amendment

I’m putting this one here tentatively. Given the shenanigans that went on in both 2000 and 2004, I don’t think it rose to the level of violating the way the Electoral College was supposed to work.

13th Amendment

Well, slavery hasn’t been reinstituted officially, at least.

16th Amendment

I guess the only way to actually violate this would be to force Congress not to collect an income tax…

17th Amendment

Well, he hasn’t mucked with the election of Senators, to my knowledge. Though he hasn’t exactly gone out of his way to uphold the integrity of elections, either, which is why I’m reluctant to say he hasn’t violated any of the amendments dealing with voting rights. But hey, I’ll give him this one, just because he has so few points in his column to begin with.

18th and 21st Amendments

I can still get a drink. Thank God for that.

20th and 22nd Amendments

Well let’s just see if he steps down in 2008.

23rd Amendment

Congress still runs DC. Check.

24th Amendment

Well, I haven’t seen any poll taxes, at least no direct ones. But again, the whole Bush and elections thing…

25th Amendment

Cheney is still next in the line of succession *shudders*

26th Amendment

Yeah, the right of Congress to give itself pay raises hasn’t been touched.

So I count 15 out of 26 Amendments left un-violated (though only 2 out of the original 10). Honestly, it’s better than I’d thought, but then again he’s got two years left…


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