Wireless power

Somehow I missed this yesterday from the BBC:

US researchers have outlined a relatively simple system that could deliver power to devices such as laptop computers or MP3 players without wires.

If the technology can really be built, it has the potential to launch a small revolution. Think of the world before and after wi-fi, and what was possible before and after. Unbundling our devices from the tyranny of power cords stands to have similar applications, although I’d question how ubiquitous this could become and how quickly.

In general, it seems we’re on the cusp of something big as far as power goes. Not just with potential wireless technology, but everything related to energy: power management, battery technology, and energy efficiency are all due for a major overhaul. I think there’s finally some real market pressure to find ways to reduce the energy costs of computing, as power turns out to be a lot more critical when it comes to large datacenters than processor speeds. Similarly, the seemingly endless battery recalls of the past year illustrates how we’ve basically hit the wall as that technology goes, even as demand for better performance continues to increase.


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