A cynical look at the iPhone

The iPhone is easily the most hotly anticipated gadget in well… well, ever. Just look at the reaction to today’s announcement. And it seems Apple managed to deliver, despite the high expectations – the fanboys are jizzing their pants big time at the mere thought of this thing.

To be sure, this is a sweet device, and it is going to be deeply disruptive to the mobile phone business (thankfully).

But in the tsunami of overwhelmingly positive reactions, I thought I’d dare to be different and point out some of the shortfalls I see in this device:

  • $500-600 with a 2 year contract? Ouch. Especially considering that most phones, sucky as they are, fall in around $100 with the same agreement.
  • Only five hours of talk time… when it’s new. I wonder how much life that battery will have by the end of that two year contract? That’s barely enough to last a day with heavy use – better carry the charger around with you.
  • I realize that given the sheer number of features already offered, asking for more is greedy – but it’s disappointing that there’s no integrated GPS to work with Google maps, and for geotagging the photos.
  • It only works with Cingular’s network. I realize this has less to do with Apple than the sorry state of the wireless industry; but it’d be nice to have a choice of providers.

It’s a testament to Apple that those are the only complaints I can muster. The battery life is the only potential show stopper, although the high price will likely limit the size of the market for this thing.


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