New Jersey seeks to eliminate the best part of living in this state

Up until now, we’ve been the only state in the union that constitutionally bars idiots from voting. Now Governor Codey wants to change that:

New Jersey is to consider cutting the word ‘idiot’ from its constitution so that people with some mental disabilities won’t be barred from voting. State Senate President Richard Codey introduced a bill Monday that would remove language from the New Jersey constitution that was designed more than 150 years ago to prevent people suffering from mental illness or handicap from casting their vote in national, state or local elections.

Codey wants to eliminate a section that says “no idiot or insane person should enjoy the right of suffrage” and substitute with a reference to “a person who has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting.”

Codey, a Democrat who was previously acting governor of New Jersey, said in a statement the term “idiot” is “outdated, vague, offensive to many and may be subject to misinterpretation.”

Bloody hell. The world needs less idiots voting, not more. It’s a shame to see New Jersey backsliding on this.


One Response to “New Jersey seeks to eliminate the best part of living in this state”

  1. David H Schleicher Says:

    WOW…why get rid of this law? Only an informed citezenry should be voting…that’s why we don’t let children vote. Getting rid of this law will open up the door for special interest parties and politicians to coerce the mentally handicapped and infirmed into voting against their will. Such abuse could arise.

    Is the terminology outdated? Yes, but the law is fair and just. I’ve lived in New Jersey for many years, and agree, there are enough idiots voting already…we don’t need to add more to the mix.

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