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From a Jesus Camp Survivor

October 15, 2006

I just wanted to point to this great essay found on Daily Kos written by someone who grew up as one of those “Jesus Camp” kids.


Take a Harvard law course online, for free

September 24, 2006

This is pretty cool. Harvard Law is offering all the course lecture videos and notes for Cyberone: Law in the Court of Public Opinion online for anyone to access. It’s the best kind of college class – interesting material with no tests to take (I’ve long contended that being tested inhibits the learning experience, but that’s a subject for another post).

It’s exciting in a way because it hints at the future “democratization” of education. While I don’t expect Harvard to start handing out any more diplomas than they do now, the open sourcing of courses and lectures can still have far reaching effects. I look forward to the day that this is the norm for every course from every college.

Google might pull out of China?

June 7, 2006

Brin says Google compromised principles:

Meeting with reporters near Capitol Hill, Brin said Google had agreed to the censorship demands only after Chinese authorities blocked its service in that country. Google’s rivals accommodated the same demands — which Brin described as “a set of rules that we weren’t comfortable with” — without international criticism, he said.

“We felt that perhaps we could compromise our principles but provide ultimately more information for the Chinese and be a more effective service and perhaps make more of a difference,” Brin said.

Brin said Google is trying to improve its censored search service,, before deciding whether to reverse course. He said virtually all the company’s customers in China use the non-censored service.

What I’d love to see is all the US tech companies pull out of China. China needs Google a lot more than the other way around; it’d be nice if they actually pushed China to take some steps towards a more open and free society. Maybe I’m being overly optomistic to even hope for such a thing.

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Finally something to impeach him over

April 17, 2006

George W Bush has pirated music on his iPod!

Now he’s screwed. You can out CIA agents, lie to the American people, and start an illegal war and get away with it… but hell hath no fury like the RIAA when they think you’re a “pirate”.

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